BMW 3er Cabriolet (E46)

£12,000.00 £10,999.00

Model description
The open Version of the 3 Series of the E46 series is a classic Convertible with a Fabric roof and the best BMW character moves.



Vehicle Classification
The four-seat Convertible of the E46-Generation 3-Seater MW was a real Perennial. In the Spring of 2000, started a little later as a Sedan and Touring, it was produced until 2007. That left it running two Years longer than Sedan and Touring. The Convertible was available as 318Ci, 320Ci, 323Ci, 325Ci and 330Ci exclusively with petrol Engines and Was the most expensive Way to drive a 3er in its Day, apart from the M3 models. At the time, he was rivalled by the Audi A4 Cabriolet and the Mercedes-Benz CLK convertible.


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