BMW 3er GT (F34)

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Model description
In the 5-series GT, BMW had already done it, a few Years later the 3-series GT with the same Concept followed. Both Series Now have five-door variants with coupéchy Rear, but significantly grown Overall Dimensions. The 3-series GT is based on the Platform of the Long Version of the 3 Series developed for China. It is just under 20 Centimetres longer than the 3-Sedan and eight ten Centimetres higher.



Pricing For 320i GT Aut. (Petrol, 184 HP)
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The BMW 3 Series GT appeared as the new Body Variant of the Mid-range series in 2013. The Sloping neck Model with the internal Designation F34 is significantly larger than the conventional 3-Sedan And is designed to combine the Advantages of a Station Wagon with those of a Limousine with its extraordinary Body shape. For the Summer of 2016, BMW GAVE the 3-series GT a slight Facelift. Externally, apart from the standard LED lights and modified aprons, not much has happened. However, the Equipment Lines and engine Offerings Have also been Revised.


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