BMW 3er Limousine (E90)

£3,500.00 £2,800.00

Model description
As a classic BMW, the E90 3-Sedan offers sporty driving experiences, good Quality And Reliability, but also expensive ancillary Costs.



Vehicle Classification
The BMW 3 Series E90 sedan premiered in Spring 2005. It replaced the E46, which has sold very well since 1999. The new 3Series set new Design Accents and followed the Line of the 7s and 5s of the not uncontroversial BMW design chief Chris Bangle. In Length, the new 3Series grew by five Inches. The Operating Concept based on The iDrive was also new. The Remaining Are Rear-wheel drive and the balanced Weight distribution. During a Model maintenance In Autumn 2008, a number of Engines were revised in addition to the Optics. The competitors then and now were the Audi A4, the C-Class of Mercedes-Benz, but at that time also the Alfa Romeo 159


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