BMW 3er Touring (F31)

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Model description
Although it may not actually fit the Brand’s sporting Image, Mid-range BMW is one of the Combined pioneers. In 1987, the first 3-series Touring was launched – at a Time when the Mercedes 190 and the Audi 80 did not exist in this Body Variant.



Vehicle Classification
Since August 2012, the BMW Touring 3 Series has been on the Market, making it the fifth generation of combined series since the Launch of the first 3-series Touring in 1987. The Touring Offers significantly more variability in the Hold than the 3-Sedan, with almost identical external Dimensions and similar Agility. A gentle Facelift Primarily affecting Bumpers, Lamps and Interiors was carried out in Mid-2015. In addition, for the first time, there is now a Three-cylinder Engine as an Entry-level engine. The Main Competitors are the Audi A4 Avant, the C-Class T-Model from Mercedes and the Volvo V60.


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