Nissan Leaf (ZE0)

£8,000.00 £7,990.00

  • noiseless and emission-free driving
  • good space
  • comfortable chassis
  • limited and fluctuating ranges
  • long loading times
  • High acquisition costs


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The Nissan Leaf made its debut in 2009 and has been inconspicuously the world’s best-selling electric car since its launch in 2010. As the first mass-produced electric car, the five-door compact sedan was continuously improved with a 109 hp electric motor. In 2013 came the second generation and since 2015 there is a stronger battery with 30 kWh of power. This should now be possible around 250 kilometers instead of 200 kilometers before, but as with all electric cars very much depends on the weather and driving style. The competition is growing, from BMW i3 to VW e-Golf and Hyundai Ionic to Renault Zoe and Opel Ampera-e.


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