Nissan Qashqai (J10)

£2,000.00 £1,997.00

  • Generous space
  • Effective brakes
  • Good safety equipment
  • High loading edge
  • No jamming protection on the power windows
  • Weak seat heating


vehicle classification


The Qashqai is the first compact SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) that Nissan presents to Germany in February 2007. The name Qashqai derives from the nomadic people of Kashgai. In addition to the 5-seater variant, there will also be a 7-seater from 2008 with the Qashqai +2. The Qashqai mixes up in Germany just booming SUV market. Compared to its competitors scores the Nissan with its high efficiency. This is achieved, inter alia, with the Renault engines, which are also very comfortable. There is also a low cost price paired with good facilities. This can make good points against the more expensive competition. In the compact SUV segment of the Nissan meets competitors such as the Toyota RAV4, the VW Tiguan, the Honda CR-V or the Skoda Yeti.


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