VW Golf 7 e-Golf

£40,000.00 £37,570.00

Model description
Driving An Electric car while enjoying the Space and comfort of a conventional Vehicle: Even as e-Golf, the compact class perennial from Wolfsburg is what it does best: Quite normal, uncomplicated, practical



Vehicle Classification
Since the Beginning of 2014, the compact class bestseller VW Golf has also been driving electrically. Unlike BMW, for example, With the i3, Volkswagen did not launch a completely redesigned model for Electric Propulsion: The seventh generation of golf (Type symbol: AU), which was introduced in 2012, was designed from the Outset to develop a wide variety of engine and Drive Concepts. Integrate. Direct Competitors are the Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus Electric, BMW i3, Mercedes B 250e and Opel Ampera-e unveiled In 2017.


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